Bioclipse 2.0 Release Candidate 1

Today, Bioclipse 2.0 Release Candidate 1 (versioned 2.0.0.RC1) was released. This constitutes a big step towards the Bioclipse 2.0 release and also implies a feature freeze. The release is available from Sourceforge, and we kindly ask beta-testers for bug reports on the bugs.bioclipse.net.

Figure: Screenshot from Bioclipse showing the drug Reserpine with
a SMARTS hit highlighted as substructure.

Bioclipse 2.0RC1 includes the core, chemoinformatics, and balloon features as well as extended sample data, the Blue Obelisk Data Repository, and the Drugbank collection. On the main update site are the Bioclipse SDK, CDK Power tools, XWS4J, and hivpred features. The Experimental update site contains the experimental feature (with R support), the QSAR, RDF, and XML feature. See www.bioclipse.net and the Bioclipse Wiki for more information about the features.

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  1. Maybe you can provide a Gist with the Bioclipse script to reproduce the always quite nice screenies you give?