Bioclipse 2.0-beta4 released

Today, Bioclipse2.0 beta4 was released (versioned 2.0.0.B20090409). Grab your download from Sourceforge (unfortunately this release cannot be updated from the update site). This is (hopefully) the last beta release before Release Candidate 1, and contains numerous bug fixes, Balloon for 3D conformer generation, and a SmartsView for testing out SMARTS on your chemical structure. Please report any bugs to http://bugs.bioclipse.net.

Screenshot: Bioclipse 2.0beta4 with all Features installed from update site. From left to right: Eclipse RCP, XWS4J, CDK Extras, Sample Data, Blue Obelisk Data Collection, Balloon, QSAR, HIVPred, and Chemoinformatics.

To learn more about the features and projects in Bioclipse, see the Bioclipse Wiki.