Bioclipse 2.0-beta3 released

Today, Bioclipse2.0 beta3 was released with id 2.0.0.B20090227. Grab your download from Sourceforge. The major updates in this release are many bug fixes for JChemPaint for 2D editing, and a new MoleculesTable with resizable columns and rows (see Figure 1) for working with collections of molecules.

Figure 1: Screenshot showing the new MoleculesTable with resizable columns and rows (middle), the selected molecule in the 2DView (top right) and molecular properties of the selected molecule (bottom right).

Also added is a new update site for experimental features, including an early version of the Bioclipse QSAR package (see Figure 2). Experimental site will be used extensively in the future to give users the ability to test new features that are in development.

Figure 2: Screenshot showing the experimental QSAR editor (bottom), the Matrix editor (top) and a Plot (bottom left) of two descriptors against each other.

Please note that you need to download a fresh version from Sourceforge, it is not possible to upgrade from Software Updates inside Bioclipse.



Bioclipse 2.0-beta2 released

Today, Bioclipse2.0 beta2 was released. The status was unfortunately not good enough so that a release candidate could be made available this week. Anyway, the beta2 version is packed with new features, like a completely new Welcome page, SMILES files support, and numerous updates to JChemPaint for 2D editing.

Figure: A topic in the new Welcome page of Bioclipse

Existing users cannot upgrade to Bioclipse 2.0beta2 via online updates; the version requires a fresh download from Sourceforge.

Figure: A drug visualized in 3D using the isoSurface command in Jmol.