The Bioclipse project team is proud to announce that the Bioclipse article was published today in BMC Bioinformatics.

Bioclipse: An open source workbench for chemo- and bioinformatics
Ola Spjuth, Tobias Helmus, Egon L Willighagen, Stefan Kuhn, Martin Eklund, Johannes Wagener, Peter Murray-Rust, Christoph Steinbeck, Jarl E.S. Wikberg
BMC Bioinformatics 2007, 8:59 (22 February 2007)
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Embrace Workshop on Bioclipse 2007


Embrace Workshop on Bioclipse 2007 (EWB '07)
May 23 -25 2007
Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), Uppsala, Sweden

Bioclipse is an open source workbench for chemo- and bioinformatics with rich functionality for molecules, sequences, proteins, spectra, and scripts. Bioclipse has advanced plugin architecture which facilitates integration of new functionality, such as algorithms, editors, visualizations, Web services, and third party applications. The Embrace Workshop on Bioclipse 2007 (EWB '07) will consist of lectures and hands-on labs to demonstrate the features of Bioclipse, the power of the plugin architecture, and how to integrate new features into the framework.

For registration and more information, please see the workshop homepage and http://www.bioclipse.net.


Bioclipse 1.0.1 released

Bioclipse 1.0.1 was relesed 2007-02-01. It contains numerous bug fixes and the new plugin bc_rhino which provides Bioclipse with a powerful scripting language.