Bioclipse 0.9.1 released


Bioclipse [1] version 0.9.1 was released today for Linux and Windows, containing bugfixing and updates according to the Wiki [2]. Files are available from Sourceforge [3].

Please report any errors using the SF bugtracker.

[1] Bioclipse homepage
[2] Bioclipse roadmap towards 1.0
[3] Bioclipse downloads


Bioclipse double slam at JAX 2006

What a day! Bioclipse wins not only the 3'rd prize in JAX Innovation awards 2006 (http://www.jax-award.com/) but also the Audience Award!

I'd personally like to thank all developers and contributors of Bioclipse as well as all the included components (CDK, JChempaint, Jmol, CML, and Biojava) without whom this project would not have been possible.

The award money will be used to fund meetings, workshops, and other events supporting the development of Bioclipse.


Bioclipse nominated for the JAX Innovation Award 2006

Bioclipse has been nominated as one of the ten candidates for the JAX Innovation ward 2006. The first prize will be awarded to the most innovative projects based on Java and Eclipse. The award ceremony takes place in Wiesbaden May 10th at the JAX 2006 conference, and me and Christoph Steinbeck will be there representing Bioclipse.

Link: http://jax-award.com/



Bioclipse 0.9.0 released

Bioclipse v. 0.9.0 (linux, windows) is now available from SourceForge. The new release features:
  • Molecular management using CDK
  • Molecular editing in 2D using JChemPaint
  • Molecular visualization in 3D using Jmol
  • Spectra visualization
  • Sequence management and visualization using BioJava
  • CMLRSS newsreader

+ and much more exciting features!

Note: This is a feature freeze for v. 1.0 and from now on only bugfixes will be contributed.

To get started, see the Getting Started Tutorial

Please see the Bioclipse wiki for more information on the development.