Bioclipse meets OpenTox

Barry Hardy wrote a very nice post about when he encountered the Tamboti Tree, a very toxic tree, and his experience when using Bioclipse and OpenTox to assess its toxicity. Read the full article and watch the movie here: http://barryhardy.blogs.com/theferryman/2011/03/the-tamboti-tree-use-case-bioclipse-meets-opentox.html


Presenting at Society of Toxicology 2011

Tomorrow I will present a poster at the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting 2011 in Washington DC. With over 7,500 participants, this conference is rather large. My poster has the title: "A flexible method for building and using predictive models applied to safety endpoints" and mainly described the Decision Support feature for Bioclipse. Anyway, this is what my poster looks like:


Web seminar on Bioclipse

Ola Spjuth of the Bioclipse project will give a web seminar on Mar 29th 16:00 GMT entitled: In-Silico Prediction of Drug Safety and Metabolites Using Bioclipse. The seminar is free of charge but requires registration.