Bioclipse 2.2 released

The Bioclipse Team is proud to announce the release of Bioclipse 2.2.0. The new version includes, apart from numerous bug fixes, the following highlights:

* Cheminformatics, with a pure SWT-based chemical 2D editor (JChemPaint) and a lazy-loading molecules table.
* QSAR, supporting local, REST, and XMPP services
* MetaPrint2D for interactive site-of-metabolism prediction for chemical structures
* StructureDB and VScreen: A chemical database with virtual screening functionality
* The new Decision Support feature with graphical reports using BIRT
* Semantic web features
* Bioinformatics, with the new Sequence Editor and sequence alignments via the Kalign Web service (Experimental)

A screenshot from Bioclipse with the MetaPrint2D feature showing predicted sites of metabolsim for a set of drugs in the MoleculesTable.

Note that Bioclipse 2.2.0 requires a fresh download, i.e. it can not be upgraded to by using the software update functionality. A small installation guide is also provided, but the main documentation for Bioclipse is available from help.bioclipse.net; the same information is also available from within Bioclipse from the menu Help > Help Contents. For general questions there is the bioclipse-users and bioclipse.devel mailing lists.