Go to the Javascript Console, type rhi and press <Tab>. The command line now says rhino.

If you now type a . (after the rhino) and then <Tab> twice. The first time around, there'll be a beep, and the second time, there'll be a list of possible completions.

People seem happy about this feature when I show it to them. Myself, I'm even happier because I got to implement the (top secret) mechanism that does this under the hood. I could tell you more, but I would have to kill you.

Update: I forgot to say that this goes for Bioclipse 2 only, but I've now backported the feature to Bioclipse 1 too.

Update2: Tab completion now in the Ruby Console, too.


  1. I won't ask for more then. I want to live. But I might check the source. After all it is open... :)

  2. I promise I won't kill you if you check the source.

    However, be warned. The source is pretty lethal in itself.