Bioclipse 1.2.0 released

The Bioclipse Team is happy to announce the release of Bioclipse 1.2.0. This release means that the 1.x branch will no longer be supported. Version 1.2.0 contains (apart from numerous bug fixes) several exciting new features:
  • An interactive console view for writing scripts in Javascript
  • QSAR plugin with an extension point for descriptor calculations from chemical structures - mix different descriptor providers Read more...
  • Create CDK descriptors and JoeLib descriptors using a wizard (select 1-N molecules and right-click -> Calculate descriptors). Sets up Descriptor Dataset (matrix). Read more...
  • Matrix editor for editing spreadsheet-like files with custom matrix implementations (Jama is default implementation)
  • Chart view for displaying charts from e.g. Matrix editor (select cells and right-click to try) Read more...
  • Select cells in Matrix and visualize in Chart
  • Select in chart highlight cells in MatrixEditor (only scatterplot so far)
  • Spectrum feature is available again
  • SpecMol allow for visual inspection and peak assignment to atoms in spectra by clicking on molecular structure
  • Ability to easily add scripting commands via an extension point. Read more...
  • Jmol now supports switching between models of e.g. a PDB-file (animation)
  • Experimental support for BioMoby

Please note that it is not possible to upgrade to Bioclipse 1.2.0 via the online update version; it requires a new download from sourceforge.

Thanks to all developers and contributors that made this release possible!

The Bioclipse Team


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