Bioclipse 0.8.1 released

Finally I managed to create packages for Linux, Windows and Mac. Bioclipse 0.8.1 includes the new CMLRSS plugin, properties for ChemObjects (such as bonds, atoms in the ChemObjectTree) and fixes several bugs. Download from Sourceforge and simply unzip (creates a "bioclipse" directory). Needs Java 1.5 to run, and if you have multiple Java installed you need to add the following line to the file "bioclipse.ini":

-vm /path/to/java1.5/bin/java

The current version has not been tested on Mac (as we have no machines for testing), so please report to me if it runs (or not) and what VM you used.

See the Bioclipse website and Bioclipse Wiki for more information about the project.

.../Ola Spjuth

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